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Anargyreios and Korgialeneios School of Spetses

The Anargyreios and Korgialeneios School of Spetses (A.K.S.S.) Foundation, located on the island of Spetses (main office in Athens), just two hours from Athens, is a private legal entity and independent charitable foundation, which was established by the donation of Benefactor Sotirios Anargiros mainly, as well as the Korgialenios bequest.

Since the School’s inception the 1920’s until 1983, when the School ceased to operate as a secondary high school, the Foundation operated the School under the same system and standards as Eton and Harrow, the two famous British public schools.

In 1983 the school discontinued its operation until 1986 when A.K.S.S. reestablished itself as a "Model Cultural, Educational, and Athletic Center" by Ministry’s of Education decree.

The excellent facilities of A.K.S.S. spanning 130,000 sqm, with private olive grove and a 9.000,000 sqm private forest, include 5 main buildings, of which 4 accomodate dormitories. The main building of 5,500 sqm accomodates Auditoriums (40-120 seats), conference and teaching rooms, press room, workshops, a restaurant with kitchen and many others. A new auditorium of 350 seats, fully equipped with interpretation facilities is to be constructed in the coming years. Furthermore, the A.K.S.S. affords an outdoor theater, modeled like the Ancient Epidaurus theatre, for cultural events, a private beach with water sports and many sports facilities (illuminated footballfield , basketball, etc.).

From its initial times as a high school already, A.K.S.S. hosted scientific meetings of eminent scientific organizations and universities. The idyllic natural environment, the proximity to the sea, the excellent facilities, the superb architectural design of the buildings and the possibility for all kinds of sports and cultural events, combined with the beauty of the island of Spetses and the excellent visiting possibility of important archaeological sites and magnificent nature in the immediate neighborhood of Spetses make A.K.S.S., besides a high quality facility, also a perfect place to develop high-level activities in the sciences and the arts. Thereby A.K.S.S. seeks to attract outstanding scientific centers and educational institutions, which, either individually or through synergies with other agencies and local Universities, will organize research, scientific and high level student actions.

The historic A.K.S.S. dormitories can accommodate over 300 people, to various rooms, either with private baths or with shared ones.

For a higher standard of accommodation, the Foundation of A.K.S.S. has its own distinct luxury «Poseidonion Grand Hotel», which is privately managed by the "Spetses Initiative SA", who renovated it in 2009 with high respect to the existing architectural elements and focused on innovative technologies and high quality materials, making it a jewel for the island. Since its reopening in June 2009 «Poseidonion Grand Hotel» has received numerous international awards, such as Best Classic Boutique Hotel in the World (London 2012), Best Hotel Architecture Europe (London 2012) etc.

Still, Spetses offer a wider range of accommodation. The A.K.S.S. cooperates with all hotels on the island and especially the neighboring premises of seaside hotel "Spetses".