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Athens School of Fine Arts


The Athens School of Fine Arts is officially located at the historical building on 42, Patission str., which houses the Rectorial Authorities and Administrative Services. Educational activities and relevant infrastructure are housed in the 256, Pireos str. complex.


The Library’s main purpose is to support the educational and research activities of the A.S.F.A. It is mainly an Art library, specialised in the visual arts’ field. It's collections, however, also cover topics such as: philosophy, sociology, literature, cinema, theatre, culture, history, and all academic disciplines of the humanities.

The “Nikos Kessanlis” exhibition venue (2,318m2)

Noteworthy activities of the “Nikos Kessanlis” exhibition venue include visual arts exhibitions by world-famous artists or on historic art movements (Takis, Fluxus, Joseph Beuys, Outlook, The Dakis Joannou Collection, Gilbert & George, Vallie Export etc.); the same venue also hosts the annual Department of Fine Arts’ Graduating Class exhibition.

Other venues

The “Giorgio de Chirico” Auditorium (capacity: 180) hosts lecture courses, various A.S.F.A. events, lectures, seminars and screenings.
The Theatre hall (capacity: 140) is used by theatre groups, and, apart from the performance of theatrical plays, it also hosts various events and lecture courses.
The Cinema hall (capacity: 129) is equipped with a 35mm film projector with Dolby-stereo system.


      The Athens School of Fine Arts has seven (7) “Annexes”, which are used by the Institution as special educational centers, in Hydra, Delphi, Mykonos, Rethymno, Rhodes, Mithymna (Lesvos) and Tsepelovo (Zagorochoria). The Annexes are housed in buildings of particular architectural value and located at places possessing great natural beauty and a significant historical and cultural background.
      Their operation aims at providing students with additional and specialised training, conducting special workshops (in cooperation and mutual exchange with foreign academic institutions and art centers), assisting students in the preparation of their projects, as well as hosting seminars, exhibitions, lectures, screenings, and other cultural events.
      The A.S.F.A. graduates, as well as members of other Greek and foreign Art Schools and relevant academic Departments, may also use the facilities of the A.S.F.A. Annexes by paying the related fee defined (each year) by  Athens School of Fine Arts. The guests and the residents of the Annexes, must comply with the Terms and Conditions defined by the Presidential Decree 169/1988.
According to the organizational structure of the administrative departments of Fine Arts (Presidential Decree 11/2005), the Department of Logistics is responsible for issuing residence permit for the Annexes, organizing student missions, applying the regulations for the Annexes, keeping the visitors agenda, securing their standard operating conditions etc.
      The current responsible for providing residency licenses and information about the A.S.F.A. Annexes is Mme Maria Papageorgiou (tel. 0030 210 3897 156, fax. 0030 210 3820 060, e-mail:

Est. 1939
Address: building Tompazi, PO Box 33 Hydra
P.C. 18040

The Annex of Hydra is housed in a 19th century building located in the port of Hydra. The building is known as "house Tompazi" because it belonged to Admiral Emmanuel Tompazis member of an old naval family of Hydra, which served actively the Greek Revolution of 1821.
The house represents an important historical and architectural monument with it's typical form with walls of carved stone. The building consists of 3 floors with 1.100 sq.m. of total surface and a courtyard garden.

Facilities include:

• 2 double rooms for teachers with shared bathroom
• 4 doubles and 3 quadruple rooms (total 20 beds) for students and 6 bathrooms
• 2 kitchen rooms, 1 table of 20 seated persons
• 1 exhibition hall of 77 sq.m. in average
• 3 reception rooms (one of them includes a piano)
• Workshops take place in the atrium of the courtyard garden and in the arched verandas of the first floor.
• Wi-Fi


Est. 1939
Address: 28 Angelou & Eva Sikelianos str. Delphi
P.C. 33054

The Delphi Annex is built amphitheatrically in a plot area of 9.850 sq.m. and consists of 3 levels (basement, ground floor and first floor) of a total 750 sq.m. The building is surrounded by pine garden, auxiliary rooms, car parking etc. and is located next to the archaeological site of Delphi.

Facilities include:

• 3 double rooms for teachers (total 6 beds) with bathroom
• 10 double rooms (total 20 beds) for students with equal bathrooms
• An exhibition hall of 250 sq.m.
• 8 workshop rooms (2 on the ground floor and 6 on the 1st floor with balcony and 1 WC)
• 1 kitchen-dining room with a capacity of 25 people in average
• Wi-Fi


Est. 1939
Address: Mykonos, Rohari area, Mykonos
P.C. 84600

The Annex of Mykonos is a ground floor building of 651 sq.m. within a plot area of 4.500 sq.m. in the center of Mykonos island. The building is surrounded by a pine garden and includes a car parking.

Facilities include:

• 1 three-bed apartment for teachers, with kitchen, bathroom and a workshop room
• 4 double rooms (total of 8 beds) for students, with private WC
• 1 kitchen table of 10 seated persons
• 4 workshops 1 W.C. The large rooftop terrace (views at the port of Mykonos) can also be used by students for their work
• The workshop rooms and the spacious corridors of the building serve also as exhibition points.
• Wi-Fi


Est. 1980
Address: Evligias Hill, Rethymnon
P.C. 74100

The Annex of Rethymnon is located at the hill of Evlygias, which is than a 1 k.m. far from the city center, in a plot of 11,640 sq.m. The Annex consists of 2 ground floor buildings of ​​589 sq.m. total area, arranged around an atrium of 110 x 120 m. The surrounding area has been formed with paths, terraces, flat open spaces and lounges within a landscape of dense pine vegetation.

Facilities include:

• 1 two-bed apartment for teachers, with kitchen and bathroom
• 1 apartment for students, with 1 double and 1 quadruple room and 1 WC, 2 double rooms with shared WC and 1 double room with private WC (total 11 beds)
• An exhibition hall of 126 sq.m., with slide projector, used occasionally as workshop room
• 2 kitchens, 1 table of 20 seated persons
• Workshops: specially designated large open spaces. Mainly serving Sculpture workshops
• Wi-Fi


Est. 1947
Address: Kleovoulou Square, 1 Knights str., Rhodes
P.C. 85100

The Annex of Rhodes is housed in a listed building within the medieval city of Rhodes, and consists a monumental architectural ensemble of international importance. The building's construction coincides chronologically with the period between the first (1309-1350) and second (1476 to 1512) construction era of the Knights and the era of Great Masters A. Fluvianla and J. De Lastic and is characterized by rectangular rooms of 4 meters covered with domes, doors with pointed arches. Currently, the building -which was restored in the 1930s- consists of a ground and a first floor of 696 sq.m. total area, that connect with an external staircase and an interior courtyard.

Facilities include:

• 1 two-bed apartment for teachers, with kitchen and bathroom
• 1 double, 1 triple and 2 quadruple rooms (total 13 beds) for students, with 2 shared bathrooms
• 1 kitchen - dining hall (capacity 20 persons in average)
• 3 workspace rooms on the ground floor
• The first floor corridors (surface 30 sq.m.) and in some cases the workshop rooms serve as exhibition points


Est. 1980
Address: Molyvos, Lesvos
P.C. 81108

The Annex of Mythimna is housed in a listed building known as the "mansion Komninaki-Kralli". The mansion is a typical example of the local architecture of the 19th century and consists of 3 floors (ground floor, mezzanine and first floor), of 414 sq.m. total surface. On the 1st floor there are 4 rooms with frescoes that date back to 1833 and serve as an open space-museum for public.

Facilities include:

• 1 double room for teachers on the 1st floor
• 2 double rooms and 1 quadruple room (total of 8 beds) for students and one bathroom on the mezzanine
• 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 table of 10 seated persons and 2 bathrooms on the ground floor
• 1 three-room building for workshop
• A large courtyard that surrounds the building, with 2 terraces used by students to develop artistic work.
• Wi-Fi


Est. 2013
Address: Tsepélovon, Municipality of Zagori, Prefecture of Ioannina
P.C. 44010

The recent Annex of Tsepelovo granted by the Municipality of Zagorochoria starts it's operation on June 2013. The Annex is housed in two separate buildings of 830 sq.m. total area, within a plot of 4,000 sq.m. The ground floor building consists of a large hall that hosts events and workshops, a kitchen-dining room and a WC. The storey building houses visitors rooms, a living room that serves also for hosting events, an office and WC.

Facilities include:

• 1 double room with bathroom for teachers
• 6 double rooms and 1 triple room (total 15 beds) for students and 4 WC
• 2 conference rooms
• Workspace rooms
• 1 kitchen table of 20 seated persons
• Central heating
• Access for people with special needs



Due to the obsolescent character and their historical value, the Annexes of Athens School of Fine Arts need special maintenance. They do not offer access for people with special needs except the Annex in Tsepelovo, which is recently renovated.

The Annexes do not have central heating or air conditioning except for those in Delphi and Tsepelovo. For the other Annexes heating is provided by portable heating machines.

The Annexes occupy only auxiliary personnel (1 person per station, 2 persons for the Annex in Delphi).

All workshops are equipped for painting activity. The Annex in Rethymnon provides also activities in Sculpture.