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Summer School on Global Law and Governance this summer | 20/03/2014

The EPLO in cooperation with the Global Network of Greek Lawyers working abroad (GNGL) has developed a new initiative, the Global Law and Governance Summer School, running this summer for the second year at the EPLO’s seaside premises in Sounion, Greece.

This is a unique educational initiative challenging participants’ usual disciplinary closure by focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to law and governance. Issues of governance and design of public policy and law are crucial for the future of European and International integration. For this reason, the GLG Summer School will focus on topics related to public policy, politics and international relations, administrative science and legal studies. The Summer School offers an intensive full week study program with courses and study sessions, all of them taught in English, with a truly interdisciplinary approach to law, governance and public policy.

This is not a traditional summer school with introductory courses in different areas of law or social science. Instead, it operates as a research-led teaching course, providing professors the opportunity to share their most recent research with a selected group of students, through lectures, seminars and mini-colloquia. Students have access to a variety of seminars providing cutting-edge analysis on hot topics in global law and governance. 

The focus of the GLG Summer School is threefold:

  • To familiarize participants with the most up-to-date issues of Global Law, Governance and Public Policy, including European integration.

  • To promote an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the social sciences. For this reason, the classes will be held by Professors from different fields of social sciences and especially from the fields of Law, Economics, Politics, Philosophy and Sociology.  Empirical analysis of law will have a special place in the study programs.

  • To acquaint students with the methodological issues of the respective field. Due to the increase of information sources, it is equally important to know, not only the substance, but also the methodological foundations of the respective field of study.

 One of the core ideas of the program is to bring exceptional young students and scholars into contact with renowned Academics teaching in some of the best Universities around the world.

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Location: EPLO premises, Sounion Bay, Athens-Greece

Addressed to: Undergraduates, Graduates and Practitioners in Social Sciences’ fields 

Dates: 14-18 July, 2014