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About Us

GRECT - Educational and Cultural Tourism-Routes in Greece


What is GRECT really?

What GRECT actually is, is a network of academic and cultural organizations in Greece. GRECT is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece (MFA) and is operating in cooperation with the Anargyrion & Korgialenion Foundation, the Athens School of Fine Arts, the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, the European Public Law Organization and the International Olympic Academy.

Our hosting institutions are located in exceptional places throughout Greece including the Athens city center, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Hydra, Spetses, Mykonos, Rethymnon of Crete, Mithimna of Lesvos, Tsepelovo in Zagorohoria and Sounion among others.


Our ambition is to attract international conferences, conventions, workshops or summer schools at unique institutions, where one can discover the beauties, myths, history and culture of the ancient and modern Greek civilization.
Such international events have already been successfully organized in professionally set up facilities.
We are aiming at cooperations and synergies combined with the sectors of culture, education, economy and science from all over the world.


The members of GRECT have cooperated in the past with many different international governing bodies, universities, scientific and sporting organizations, having, thus, the know-how, apart from the suitable venues and the personnel, necessary for the organization of high-standard events of all types, to welcome hundreds of visitors and participants of all ages to their premises each year. Being closely situated to the most representative archaeological, cultural and natural sites of Greece adds enormous value to the visitor's experience, thus distinguishing these venues from other convention centers.

GRECT invites you to organize your own educational, cultural or business trips, meetings, workshops, conferences, conventions or summer schools in Greece, while enjoying the renowned Greek hospitality and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, in a journey through time and history!